Survey: Moms don't want flowers; they want iPads

A recent survey from reveals what everyone probably already knows: Moms would rather iPads over flowers.

Do you love your mother enough to buy her an iPad? Probably not, if a recent survey from deal aggregation site is any indication.

According to the survey, 91% of moms said that they'd prefer an iPad over flowers for mother's day, which is probably how any logical human being would respond.

The problem - and this might be just as obvious - is that far, far fewer (12%) people said they were actually planning on buying their mothers any kind of tech gadget. In fact, at 59%, most respondents said that they didn't plan on spending any more than $50. Moreover, a not-insignificant number of respondents (19%) said they weren't getting their mothers anything at all. (Techbargains attracts quite a few cheapskates, it seems.)

In short, it looks like this: Most moms want iPads for mothers day, but pretty much all them are getting flowers or chocolates or a Halmark card. Is this is a microcosm of our general relationship with the world, viz., not getting the things we want? Probably.

In any case, file this under things that are obviously true but somehow no less depressing.