Survey results: Apple Watch owners making health a priority

Apple Watch owners are satisfied with their purchase and results show they are also using it to improve their lifestyle through daily activity and awareness.

(Image: Wristly)

One of the main reasons I continue to use my Apple Watch after three months is the Activity app.

9to5Mac posted the results of a survey by a market research firm showing that 50 percent of Apple Watch owners were exercising more and making better health choices while 40 percent of those surveyed stated they lost weight.

While I have tested many wearables, the Apple Watch Activity and Workout apps have provided the most compelling overall experience that has kept me motivated to stand, walk, and run. The high resolution display, well-designed and colorful Activity app, reminders, and achievements appeal to me.

The survey, performed by Wristly, and published on its Medium website shows that more than 3/4ths of Apple Watch users agree they are standing more and are more aware of their health. Despite the imperfect setup and annoyance of the stand reminders at awkward times, I keep mine turned on and it truly does get me to stand up and get away from my desk throughout the day.

The stand reminder always goes off at 10 minutes until the hour so you can game the system if you want. It doesn't tie in to your calendar and recognize when you just can't stand up. However, the majority of the time it does indeed get me to stand up.

Given that the iPhone tracks stairs climbed, I personally would love to see the Apple Watch include that metric as a motivational tool to skip the elevator. As I wrote in my wearable buying guide, only Fitbit is consistent with providing a count of stairs climbed.

Health awareness is important and as I have written many times when reviewing daily activity trackers, small steps (taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to get the mail instead of driving) add up over time and can indeed improve your lifestyle and health. The Apple Watch is an expensive way to go just for activity tracking, but if your health improves then it may be a small cost to pay.

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