Survey says: Enterprise architecture #1 area

A survey of industry execs sees other hot areas in information sharing, cybersecurity.
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Government program managers will spend most heavily on enterprise architecture and information-sharing, a new study commission by Washington Techology finds, according to the magazine.

The most opportunities will come from enterprise architecture according to 59 percent of survey respondents. The study was conducted by Market Connections of Virginia. The other hot opps were information-sharing (56 percent), cybersecurity (50 percent), net-centric warfare (48 percent), interoperable communications (46 percent) and continuity of operations (41 percent).

The survey also found that: industry is not too impressed with government managers -- 51 percent gave program managers a C- for overall performance. OMB still has serious education to do about its line of business structure. Only 14 percent were "very familiar" with LOBs.

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