Survey: What business and IT functions does your company use as a service?

Is Everything as a Service the future of business? Tech Pro Research is conducting a survey to find out what services companies are already using, and what they're planning to adopt.
Written by Amy Talbott, Contributor
Image: iStock/ipopba

Software as a Service is already a well-recognized term in the business world, but the concept is expanding to other services, including platforms, infrastructure, and more. ZDNet's sibling site, Tech Pro Research, is conducting a survey to find out what business and IT functions companies are using as a service.

If you're familiar with your company's IT and business functions, please take a few minutes and tell us what services your company is using. The survey consists of 13 multiple choice questions. Respondents will be asked what services their company has already enlisted, what functions may be switched to the XaaS model in the future, and what experiences with vendors have been like.

All respondents will have a chance to enter their email at the end of the survey and receive a free copy of the resulting research report, which is normally only available to Tech Pro Research subscribers.

Click here to take this survey before it closes on September 15, 2017.

Tech Pro Research conducts monthly surveys on various topics of business and technology. Here are some results from past surveys:

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