SwiftKey hits iOS, sort of, with SwiftKey Note

The best keyboard app for Android brings its predictive text technology to iOS.

SwiftKey has long been one of the best keyboard apps on Android. It is now hitting iOS, although in a different form. Apple doesn't allow keyboard apps on iOS to replace its own entry method, so SwiftKey is using an app to sneak its predictive text technology onto iOS.

SwiftKey Note
Image: SwiftKey

SwiftKey Note is a note-taking app that uses the famous predictive text entry within the app. This technology learns about your writing style the longer you use it. After a short time with SwiftKey it becomes uncannily accurate at predicting the word you want after entering just a letter or two.

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SwiftKey Note has tight integration with the popular Evernote service. Notes created in SwiftKey Note are synced with Evernote notebooks in the cloud.

Joe Braidwood, SwiftKey’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “With SwiftKey Note, we’ve worked closely with Apple and Evernote to bring all of the power of SwiftKey’s mind-reading prediction technology to iPhone and iPad users everywhere. Whether it’s in the meeting room, lecture hall or grocery store, with SwiftKey Note you can now take much faster notes, getting a more human typing experience from your devices and remembering more of the things that matter in your life.”

Chris Traganos, Head of Developer Outreach at Evernote, said: “Pairing SwiftKey’s predictive keyboard with the Evernote Platform is a transformative experience for creating quick notes. We’re excited to have SwiftKey Note’s two-way sync with Evernote and to build this relationship.”

SwiftKey Note is free in the Apple app store.