Symantec alleges more code theft by McAfee

Symantec is turning up the heat on rival McAfee Associates after saying it discovered more allegedly copied code in a product.

Yesterday in the US, Symantec filed a motion amending an April complaint that claimed McAfee's PC Medic 97 uses code written by Symantec and used in its Norton CrashGuard product. Now Symantec says McAfee also uses other copied code in other products including its huge-selling VirusScan package. Symantec says the copied code relates to routines used in several Symantec products that speed application development.

"The most competitive [software products] do not result from cloning, copying or theft," said Enrique Salem, chief technology officer at Symantec, in a prepared statement. "They result from innovation."

A hearing for the case is due August 29 this year.