Symantec says it's safe to use pcAnywhere again

Last week Symantec told some 50,000 pcAnywhere users to stop using the software until it could fix a critical security flaw. Those patches are now available, and the company is offering free upgrades to anyone using older, unsupported versions.
Written by Ed Bott, Senior Contributing Editor on

After an unprecedented security warning, Symantec says it's now safe to use its pcAnywhere software again—but only after upgrading to the most recent release and applying a critical security update. An advisory at the Symantec Enterprise website announces the release of two patches in recent days.

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The first patch, released on January 27, 2012, "eliminates known vulnerabilities affecting customers using pcAnywhere 12.5." A second patch released on January 30 makes the same claim for versions 12.0 and 12.1. The patches are available for download here.

Customers who are still using older, unsupported versions of the software will qualify for no-charge upgrades to pcAnywhere 12.5, according to a Reuters report.

Symantec says roughly 50,000 customers still use the pcAnywhere software, which is available as a standalone product and also is included with its Altiris remote management products for enterprises.

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