Symantec ships uninstaller, troubleshooter

Symantec is belatedly moving into the market for deletion software with the release of Norton Uninstall Deluxe (£39).
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

While rivals such as Quarterdeck and IMSI have long been cashing in on the popular category, utilities king Symantec has been keeping a watching brief and developing its own product for the last year.

Like its rivals Norton Uninstall Deluxe lets users delete programs and files while keeping backup copies for safety. Norton also adds System Monitor, a tool for checking system status while software is being installed; InstallGuard, which provides a one-click undo; and AutoClean, which automatically gets rid of junk files, Internet cache files and temporary files on boot-up. Like most Norton tools, Uninstall Deluxe can also be kept up to date over the Net through the LiveUpdate feature.

Also new form Symantec is Norton CrashGuard Deluxe, a more advanced version of the firm's auto-troubleshooting tool. Due to ship next week, the program will cost in the region of £40.

CrashGuard Deluxe features Auto Check, a tool for automatically spotting and fixing problems in the background, as well as two other Norton classics, SpeedDisk and Disk Doctor. Another tool, AntiFreeze restores work in progress on locked applications.

"It's more than just a problem fixer," said Stephen Garside, regional product manager for advanced utilities at Symantec. "It's really like a little brother to Norton Utilities."

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