T-Mobile CEO mocks mobile internet cynics

And hails voice-activated web...

And hails voice-activated web...

T-Mobile CEO Rene Obermann today hit out at mobile internet doubters, comparing them to the analysts who predicted mobiles would only be used by 25 per cent of the population.

Obermann criticised the "cynicism" around mobile internet use and "experts" unimpressed with web access on mobiles. "Experts are usually wrong with these predictions," he said.

The T-Mobile boss, however, announced some pretty bold predictions himself. "To date, internet traffic has been fixed line," he said. "Mobile will be the centre of the internet."

He added: "The growth of data and internet traffic will displace fixed line."

However, Obermann did acknowledge there have been some problems with the internet experience on phones to date, with WAP giving the web on mobiles a bad name.

He said: "The user interface is not that easy... We told people they could surf the web [but] until now that hasn't been true."

Obermann has his own ideas on how user interfaces should develop to cope with the demands of surfing on a mobile.

He said: "Ultimately, you'll be able to ask your mobile – literally ask with your personal voice – and your hopefully T-Mobile will deliver," adding: "We all know that future is a long way off."