T-Mobile kicks off LG G4 pre-orders; best Android smartphone priced less than other flagship phones

Customers can order a LG G4 from T-Mobile tomorrow and expect to receive it before the 3 June in-store date. Buyers will get a 128GB microSD card and leather back too.

I've spent a month with the LG G4 and in addition to crowning it the new Android king I also awarded it the number one spot on my top 10 best smartphones list.

T-Mobile and LG just announced that you can place your LG G4 order tomorrow for just $599.76 or $24.99/month for 24 months. T-Mobile is also including a free 128GB microSD card. As we've seen this year, T-Mobile will also deliver the LG G4 to these buyers before it hit stores next week on 3 June.

The $599.76 full price of the LG G4 is excellent for a flagship smartphone, not even counting the free 128GB microSD card. By comparison, the lowest cost Samsung Galaxy S6 is $630, the S6 Edge is $730, the iPhone 6 is $650, and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus is $750.

These devices don't have expandable storage capacity either so that makes the LG G4 an even better option for those who capture lots of photos and video or have large music collections they want to take with them.

I expected to see a premium price applied to LG G4 units with leather backs, but this particular model will be the same light brown leather back model I have been testing as part of the LG G4 Preview campaign. You can always order different leather back covers or a plastic cover if that is what you prefer.

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