T-Mobile may satisfy a pirate's delight today with the Pearl

The BlackBerry Pearl should be available today at local retail T-Mobile stores and this beauty has me thinking seriously about my first BlackBerry device. I had the chance to play with a functioning device at my local store last Friday and my desire to find one is even stronger now.


Arr Matey, today is September 12th and the day that the BlackBerry Pearl treasure should be available at T-Mobile stores. We put on our patch and wooden leg and began the quest to find one last Friday and lo and behold we ran across the mystical treasure at a nearby island paradise. The device was hidden in the back, but we used our practiced tactics to coax the friendly captain of the resort to bring out the beautiful Pearl for us to admire. And matey, she is a beauty at that! The sleek form factor, bright screen, integrated camera, fast response, and interesting keyboard have us yearning now for our first ever BlackBerry device. We may set sail today and seek the desired treasure for ourselves, but there is still an internal debate on switching from T-Mobile unlimited internet to the BlackBerry plan. Have any other sailors been successful in obtaining the Pearl and do you think this crusty captain should take the plunge?