T-Mobile was the 'Noncarrier' for the Apple iPhone 6 pre-order launch

The Apple Store and several US carriers struggled to keep up with iPhone 6 demand, but T-Mobile never even showed up to the party. I was lucky enough to score a phone though.

Apple kicked off iPhone 6 pre-orders at 12:01 (PT) on Friday, but the website struggled right out of the gate. Most people had success with their wireless carriers, but T-Mobile did not offer any iPhone 6 model — at least for the first two hours.

While the Apple website would not open for most folks, the Apple Store app on the iPad and iPhone launched successfully. Unfortunately, this iOS app does not include any option to purchase a T-Mobile version of the iPhone so that is a dead-end route for T-Mobile customers too.


The T-Mobile website struggled for a couple hours, but even when customers got through to choose a phone for purchase there was not a single iPhone 6 model available. 

I was actively reading my Twitter feed and seeing people achieve success through various carriers while refreshing on three computers proved unsuccessful. I joked that I should go grab my Lumia 1520 and try to buy an iPhone. After about 30 minutes I did indeed go grab my 1520 and launched the IE browser. I went directly to the Apple Store website and within two minutes I had my first choice iPhone 6 Plus successfully ordered. I could not believe my luck and the irony that it took a Windows Phone to get me to the Apple Store for a T-Mobile phone.

I posted the good news on Twitter, but it turns out I must have slipped through some alternate universe or something as the Apple Store continues to be down even on my 1520. I may be the only person who was able to get a T-Mobile iPhone 6 ordered so there should be plenty of stock left. Stay tuned for a review after I get a chance to spend a few days with the new iPhone that arrives at my house next Friday.

The demand for new iPhones is always high and it is understandable that websites will struggle.

However, Apple needs to get T-Mobile as a choice in the iOS Store app and T-Mobile needs to launch when everyone else does. While other carriers had the same 12:01 am launch time, I never did see a specific time from T-Mobile so maybe it knew in advance it was not going to play the midnight launch game.

If so, T-Mobile should have at least told customers who stayed up late.