T-Mobile, Wild Tangent team up to bring game rentals to Android

Burned by buying too many bad Android games? This collaboration between T-Mobile and Wild Tangent may just be your solution.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

At $2.50, the price of the average mobile game isn't exactly wallet-busting. But that isn't stopping T-Mobile and game network Wild Tangent from making barrier for entry that much lower via game rentals.

For twenty five cents - about the cost of a single play at the average arcade -   Android users will soon be able try out games for twenty-four hours. Assuming the game isn't awful, that quarter can then be applied to the cost of buying the app.

Does this means that T-Mobile aims to compete with the Android Market? Not at all, says T-Mobile, which maintains that new functionality will only serve to remove some of the uncertainty involved in discovering and purchasing new games. T-Mobile says that the functionality, which is coming later this year, will be a part of all of its Android phones in the future.

[Via AllThingsD]

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