Tablet sales collapse in Brazil

Sales decreased by 35 percent in the second quarter

The Brazilian tablet market is experiencing a major slowdown as sales decreased by 35 percent in the second quarter of 2015.

According to IDC data, some 1271 million units were sold in over the period, about 670,000 less than in the same quarter last year. The average price of the tablets sold was R$500 ($128).

There are macroeconomic factors linked to the market collapse, according to the analyst: several companies with no local manufacturing facilities that were importing tablets, could not cope with the fluctuation of the dollar against the local currency, the real.

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As well as the dollar hike, the Brazilian consumer is losing interest in tablets as phablets (smartphones with larger screens) became more popular.

After a "tablet fever" that dominated most of 2013, the decline in tablet sales started in 2014 and numbers have also gone down consistently this year. For consumers, disappointment with low-quality options was a main factor behind the lack of interest back then, before the phablet cannibalization began.

From the corporate standpoint, tablet demand started to dry up as the government also stopped buying the devices last year.

IDC expects that 6.5 million tablets will be sold in Brazil in 2015. This would represent a drop of 29 percent in comparison to 2014 figures when 9.5 million devices were sold.