Tablets surpass notebooks in Brazil for the first time

Consumer search for cheaper computing equipment boosts the segment

Tablets have surpassed notebooks in the number of units sold in Brazil for the first time ever, according to numbers from analyst IDC.

According to the research, three million tablets were sold in the last quarter of 2013 - 800,000 more than notebook units sold in the same period. This represents a 149 percent rise in the number of tablets sold in comparison to the same period in 2012.

"This result is a first for the industry. In the last quarter of 2013, we saw tablet sales surpassing laptops in sales for the first time since they were launched in the market," says Peter Hagge, market analyst at IDC Brazil.

In total, some 8,4 million tablets were sold in Brazil, a 157 percent increase in sales on 2012. According to IDC, this is due to the price attractiveness and also the availability of options, now ranging from tablets for entry-level users and children to corporate and public sector-focused equipment.

Brazilian consumers also seem to be getting less excited about desktop computers - a separate study by IDC suggests that the local PC market is slowing in line with global trends — some 13,9 million units were sold in 2013, a 10 percent drop on 2012 numbers.