Tags, diggs and comments: coaxing a 'delicious' social Web

All over the Web, users are being asked to generate content.

eBay is soliciting citizen collectors to "collect" and "share" at its new "MyCollectibles" Web 2.0  user-generated content focused marketing initiative (see my “eBay Seeks ‘Social Shopping’ Dollars with Web 2.0 Forays”). eBay is but the latest Internet company to solicit users to create, upload and refer content and ideas, in hopes that the content and user activity will spur a viral community for the company and, ultimately, increase the company's value. All over the Web, Internet users are being asked to:

  • Add to your favorites
  • Save to del.icio.us
  • E-mail to a friend
  • Talk back
  • Digg this
  • Collaborate
  • Contribute
  • Bookmark
  • Comment
  • Upload
  • Create
  • Review
  • Share
  • Label
  • Refer
  • Reply
  • Post
  • Rate
  • Tag

So, "Digg This" at the top of the page and "Talk Back" below, what are you being asked to do on the Web?