Taiwanese tech causes sexual health problems

Valentine's Day problems 'down under'

A Taiwanese woman may have contracted genital warts from a computer mouse she shared with colleagues, according to the Taiwanese Taipei Times Wednesday reports.

Dr Ho I-chen, a physician at Yin Shu-tien Medical Hospital, claimed that his female patient caught genital warts or condylomas after using a mouse previously used by a colleague who was infected with the disease. Ho I-chen's patient insists that she cannot have caught the warts any other way.

The suggestion has caused alarm in Taiwan, although other doctors insist that genital warts cannot be passed on from indirect contact. Ho I-chen called on companies to install automatic hand-washers to limit the risk of infections spreading.

It has been a somewhat strange Valentine's day in Taiwan -- the news came as a second Taiwanese woman was forced to seek medical assistance after getting a mobile phone stuck inside her rectum.

Doctors at Taipei Medical University hospital had to remove a Nokia 8850 mobile phone from the 20-year old female patient's bottom. They explained that the woman had used the phone during sex games with her boyfriend. A spokeswoman suggested that it was because the phone had a vibrating function.

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