Take it on the road with the Transcend 2TB portable HDD with military grade shock protection

Road warriors needing to take their data on the road can do so safely with this portable hard drive.


While readily available cloud storage eliminates the need for large storage capacities on laptops, some professionals must take their data with them. An external hard drive (HDD) is a good way to take information mobile, but bumps on the road can be hard on the delicate gadgets. That's not the case with a 2TB HDD from Transcend that features military grade shock protection.

The Transcend 2TB drive connects to a Mac, Linux, or Windows laptop via USB 3.0 for fast data transmission. The system mounts it as a standard HDD and it works just like any internal drive. Those needing high-level 256-bit encryption or data compression have that functionality at hand with the included Transcend Elite software.

This HDD is not battery powered, but most laptops with a powered USB drive will be able to run the Transcend plug-free. There is a clever button that can reconnect a properly ejected drive without having to unplug and replug the HDD.

The drive is perfect for implementing a backup system to keep laptop information safe. A button on the Transcend performs an incremental backup when pressed. This device should meet the needs of the most demanding mobile professional.

The Transcend 2TB Portable Drive is available for $102.99 on Amazon.