Take that, Office Lens: Evernote integrates scanning in iOS app

Evernote introduced a standalone scanning app back in January for iPhones and now that feature is part of Evernote's core iOS product, complete with LinkedIn business card integration.

Evernote wasted no time in adding a new scanning feature to its popular app for iOS: The very same day Microsoft expanded the similar Office Lens function to both iOS and Android, Evernote added robust scanning to its main product.


Technically, Evernote integrated features from one of its current apps to another here. The company already had an app that could scan, categorize and save data from pictures of business cards, documents and Post-It notes. That mobile scanning app, called Evernote Scannable, launched in January and we gave it a favorable review.

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Since Evernote pulled Scannable into its note-taking app, the simple experience of capturing information with your iPhone camera shouldn't be any different. The company says that the app auto-detects the edges of a document you're scanning and will file the image automatically for you in a specifically designated notebook: Snap, scan and save.

Even better: If you have a LinkedIn account connected to Evernote, the software will pull in any additionally available contact information from LinkedIn when you scan a business card. Note that business card scanning is a premium feature of Evernote; you'll get five imports for free. After that you'll have to pay $5 a month for an individual account or $10 monthly per user for premium business accounts.

Scannable still exists as a standalone app for Apple iOS -- sorry, Google Android users -- but the core functionality is now part of the latest version of Evernote.