Targeting Apple, Amazon unveils Mac Download Store

Not long after Apple launched its Mac App Store, Amazon is launching its own, offering applications not available on Apple's service.

While Amazon's rumored answer to the iPad still months away, the company is already stepping on Apple's turf in a very direct way - by launching its own Mac applications store.

Via the Mac Download Store, MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro users can download 250 of Mac OS's biggest applications, some of which  aren't available in Apple's own App Store.

Microsoft Office is one such offering. Selling for $115, you won't find the Home and Student version of the Office suite on the Mac Store. But you will find it on Amazon.

Amazon says that its download process is simple and install-less. Even better, once users purchase applications, the downloads are backed up on Amazon's servers, allowing for unlimited future downloads. This, however, does not mean that users can use, say, a single product key for multiple installs. Understandably, Amazon is leaving the specific licensing agreement arrangements to the software manufacturers themselves.

Similar to its Android App Store, Amazon's foray into the Mac OS software world serves as a clear indication that the company is a force to be reckoned with outside of its bread-and-butter physical sales. While the Mac Download Store isn't exactly pretty, competition for Apple can never be a bad thing.