TCS books over $15b in revenue and single-digit profit growth

While its profit growth has slowed to single digits after growing by more than a quarter each year since 2011, Tata Consultancy Services has taken its revenue to over $15 billion in its 2015 financial year.

Since its 2011 financial year, Tata Consultancy Services has posted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA) growth of 29 percent twice, 25 percent in FY 2013, and 39 percent last year. This year, however, it fell back to a more reasonable 8.6 percent growth.

In US dollar terms, TCS grew revenue by 15 percent, taking it to $15.5 billion, with operating income coming in at $4.2 billion, representing growth of 6 percent. The company pointed out that adjusting for constant currency, revenue grew by 17 percent over the year.

Over the course of FY15, TCS added more than 19,000 new employees, and saw growth in all six of its client categorisations, spending anywhere from over $1 million to more than $100 million each year.

Revenue from the Asia-Pacific region grew by 50 percent over the year, and now accounts for 9.3 percent of the company's total revenue. North America still accounts for over half of the revenue for TCS.

"We have maintained our profitability in a challenging operating environment, where currency has been a strong headwind for some time," said TCS CFO Rajesh Gopinathan. "Despite these and other macro challenges, our goal has been to support business growth, while ensuring we continue to invest in a calibrated fashion for the future."

TCS said the division between local and remote delivery of its services now sits at 48-52, with the vast majority of its remote services being served out of its Indian infrastructure.

To mark a decade since TCS went public, the company will pay employees that have served over a year with the company the equivalent of a week's salary for each year. The bonus will cost the company $423 million.

Last month, the Indian IT services giant opened a 1,000-seat center in Singapore to service global banks operating throughout the Asia-Pacific.