Tax collector sells pot and cocaine using government email

Your tax dollars at work.

Oh, this one's just too juicy to pass up. Apparently, one Gerry McNamara, who used to work in the New York State tax department in Albany had a little side business.

He dealt drugs to other tax department workers and marketed his wares using the tax department's email system. McNamara's little "deli" operation went on for at least two years.

According to a report by Inspector General Joseph Fisch (PDF), McNamara would send out mailings substituting food words for drug words. For example, he'd say:

"I don't have extra cheese on me that I would need but I would love some crackers."

I'm not sure what he really meant by cheese and crackers, but I'm pretty sure we all know what he was offering when he had brownies to sell.

Your tax dollars at work.