TCS and Cloudera hook up to make a big data play

The union will leverage Cloudera's Apache Hadoop-powered enterprise data hubs and TCS' global IT services delivery platform, as well as big data solutions.
Written by Rajiv Rao, Contributing Writer on

A few days ago, two heavyweights in the IT services and data analytics fields decided to join hands in what should be a landmark deal for both parties. India's largest and most successful software services company Tata Consultancy Services has united with US-based open-source enterprise analytics and data management purveyor Cloudera. Powered by Apache Hadoop, Cloudera offers enterprises one place to store, process, and analyze all of their data in its data hubs.


The union forms the world's largest group of Cloudera Certified Professionals (CCP) as TCS' global team of big data experts will now be stamped by its partner's CCP program, and its products validated through the Cloudera Certified Technology Program (CCTP). Cloudera is the leader in educating Hadoop professionals, having trained over 22,000 individuals globally.

TCS will now be able to offer a range of big data solutions to a vast array of global customers, which, according to this report, include things like strategy definition, infrastructure set-up and management, application development and maintenance advanced analytics, and predictive modelling.

Today, the digital technology space, which includes social, mobility, analytics, and cloud (SMAC), is the place to be for IT firms that are anxious to climb up the value chain and present offerings that are increasingly becoming critical to businesses of the 21st century. Within this orbit, big data is quickly moving from just a buzzword to a fundamental necessity, and IT services firms, especially those in India, are scrambling to attain expertise in this area and snag customers for them.

So much so that Global 2,000 firms will shell out 15 percent to 16 percent of their IT services and outsourcing spends on SMAC, with India responsible for $15 billion worth of SMAC software and services in fiscal 2017, according to Offshore Insights, reported Mint newspaper. This is despite SMAC making up less than 10 percent of the current revenue streams at these companies, which shows how much they anticipate the sector ramping up in the near future. What seems unbelievable is the $225 billion in revenue that Offshore said Indian firms will generate in 2020, making it a $210 billion increase in just three years.

Which is why, for both Cloudera and TCS, this union could give both an edge in a fiercely competitive and rapidly growing landscape, something that TCS has long had on its mind, considering it set up a separate digital enterprise unit in the Valley solely focused on delivering SMAC services.

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