Tech firm pulls plug on Kickstarter project thanks to Apple

Apple dooms stylish portable-charger project to oblivion.

The company behind the Pop Kickstarter project has decided to kill it off despite a successful fundraising drive — all because of Apple.

Edison Junior had already raised enough money on Kickstarter in September for the portable power station, but has now decided to refund the money back to all those who contributed funding to the project.

Pop was meant to be a product that not only charges multiple mobile devices, including Apple and Android devices, but looks good as well.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Edison Junior's CEO blamed the failure of the project on Apple. The tech giant had refused to approve Edison Junior's proposal to combine Apple's new Lightning connector with the old 30-pin connector on Pop. This left the team with no choice but to cancel the Pop project.

Apple now limits the manufacturing of Lightning connector accessories to Apple-approved factories.

Edison Junior will begin issuing refunds to Kickstarter-backers by early next year.