Tech Pro Research roundup: CIO relevance, IT policy downloads, and picking a cloud storage vendor

Here are the latest IT policies, original research, and analyst briefings from Tech Pro Research. We examined the CIO's relevance, helped you pick the right cloud storage provider and Office 365 version, and published both travel and anti-virus policies.
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Here's a roundup of the latest Tech Pro Research articles, downloadable policies, research, and more.

Research: 33% report CIO role is losing relevance
Is the role of CIO losing relevance? A recent Tech Pro Research survey and the resulting research report reveal the answer.

Six business-class cloud storage services: Which one is right for you?
Cloud storage gives users on-the-go access to the files they need, but the service you choose must fit your business requirements. Ed Bott looks at key selection criteria and lists six top contenders.

Microsoft enterprise primer on Office 365: Past, present, and future
Office 365 has been making significant inroads into the SMB space. Mary Jo Foley looks at its evolution, the various SKUs, and what to expect down the road from this subscription-based Office model.

IT Travel Policy
It is critical for staff to follow specific guidelines to minimize this risk so they can perform their job functions and still adhere to good security practices which protect the organization.

Analyst briefing: Hadoop emerges as the core framework of big data
Hadoop has greatly increased the financial viability of storing and processing big data. See how it works, which distributions are leading the pack, and what problems are facing the Hadoop ecosystem.

IT Anti-Virus Policy
Staying up to date on malware is crucial for any workplace. Use Tech Pro Research's IT Anti-Virus Policy to help establish guidelines for your company.

IT pro's guide to the 21st century data center (ebook)
Today's data centers are a crucial component of modern business, requiring careful planning and resource management. This guide offers analysis and advice for building effective data center strategies.

Just where are we with big data?
Business analysts are closely following the trajectory of big data trends. Here's a look at some numbers, roadblocks, and success stories that reflect the current and future state of big data.

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