Tech whistleblower site launched by privacy campaigners

A civil rights campaign group has launched a whistleblower site for technologists.The site, boxcrack.

A civil rights campaign group has launched a whistleblower site for technologists.

The site,, aims to provide an anonymous interface for technologists to disclose information about government and private sector systems. Boxcrack is administered by Privacy International.

People can pose questions, and participate in discussion forums, Privacy International (PI) director Simon Davies told ZDNet UK on Wednesday. As questions are resolved, and responses established as being valid, PI will issue statements.

"It's a significant long-term project," said Davies. "Within three months we hope to have two dozen issues [being discussed]."

One of the first issues up for discussion is the technology behind targeted behavioural advertising, said Davies.

People wishing to disclose information should use anonymity services such as Tor.

"Anybody is welcome to contribute," said Davies. "We want to find out the facts."

Davies said that it would not be possible to upload documents to boxcrack, unlike whistleblower site Wikileaks, which is presently encountering US military and law enforcement attention.

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