TechnologyOne looks to mobile for enterprise software

After enjoying 10 years of record profits, the company is changing its key focus for its enterprise offering.

With its enterprise suite product Ci helping the company reach AU$35.1 million in profit for the year ending September 30, 2013, TechnologyOne is now focusing on mobile platforms for the next iteration, Ci2.

"Our intention is that all of our enterprise software will be able to operate on all smart mobile devices," the company's directors' report said.

Furthermore, such an approach was touted as allowing its customers to "abandon the traditional PC/laptop model of computing and access their data from anywhere in the world and at any time".

It plans to officially launch the product in mid-2014, with it being made later that year.

TechnologyOne's vision for Ci2 is one where customers use their iPhone, iPad, or Android device to access the software in a native browser. Such an approach, it said, will result in no more software installs, making it "future proof", and reducing licensing issues.

A difference from its previous version of its enterprise software is that instead of targeting back-office users, Ci2 will target the "front office" — where organisations may have over 100 users connecting, albeit only occasionally and through their own consumer-grade devices.