TechOne commits AU$80 million to enterprise cloud

TechnologyOne has announced TechnologyOne Cloud and Ci Anywhere as part of its pledge to creating a 'true cloud' for its customers.

TechnologyOne has announced that it has invested over AU$80 million to date in creating its cloud offering, which the company hopes will allow its customers to amplify their computing model, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

Speaking at the company's Evolve user conference at the Gold Coast this week, executive chairman Adrian Di Marco said TechologyOne is committed to continue the drive of enterprise software as a service (SaaS) with the announcement of its TechnologyOne Cloud, which has already been implemented by Noosa Council.

"Cloud computing is a widely used and misunderstood term," said Di Marco. "It is a confusing concept, because it is used to categorise everything from simple hosting solutions and outsourced infrastructure solutions, to complete software-as-a-service solutions.

"Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Salesforce have become leaders in the cloud, because they build and run their own software and continually invest to improve it," he said. "In the same way, we build, run, and optimise our software to run on the TechnologyOne Cloud."

Di Marco said that despite cloud computing being widely used, it is misunderstood and confusing because it is used to describe everything from simple hosting all the way to outsourced infrastructure and a complete SaaS solution.

Nevertheless, Di Marco was bullish, saying it is the future of enterprise software because it allows the vendor to look after the technology, and the customer can simply focus on running their business.

The company also unveiled its redesigned Connected Intelligence Anywhere platform, which has been designed to work on all smart mobile devices, as well as traditional PCs and laptops.

"We truly believe that the future is smart mobile devices driving enterprise software," he said.

Di Marco said the new platforms and products have been designed to run parallel to existing investments, which avoids the need for relicensing fees or re-implementation. Instead, customers will have the flexibility of using TechologyOne's existing Ci software, switching to the new one or opting for a mixture of both, which can be hosted on-premises or on the TechnologyOne Cloud.

In order to allow customers to have access to its products, TechnologyOne has also launched an enterprise app store. Di Marco said this new approach to delivery will eliminate the need for complex, costly upgrades and enable customers to first trial apps in a test environment before rolling it out entirely.

"This approach also gives us the ability to analyse user behaviour and receive feedback direct from our customers on a scale never before seen. The unique 'hot-house' environment and continual development cycle will make us even more innovative and agile, and as a company, we know we will be able to keep our R&D spend in line with our expectations," he said.

TechnologyOne revealed earlier this week that it had signed a AU$15 million deal with Catholic Education Victoria to deliver an integrated administration system to 486 schools.