TechXNY: Zeus forges 64-bit Web server for AMD's Hammer

The UK server maker will release a version of its security-conscious Web server for the 64-bit server edition of Hammer

AMD has formed a partnership with Zeus Technology that will see UK-based Zeus releasing a version of its Web server software for AMD's upcoming 64-bit server processor. The announcement is the latest mark of industry support for AMD's Opteron processor, the server variant of the company's next-generation chip code-named "Hammer".

At this week's TechXNY show -- formerly PC Expo -- in New York, Zeus demonstrated its Web server running on a four-way Opteron system running a 64-bit version of Linux, according to AMD. Opteron can execute 64-bit software, which allows it to address data in larger chunks than the 32-bit software that is currently mainstream, but is also capable of running 32-bit software natively. (AMD is also planning a desktop version of Hammer, which will carry the Athlon brand.)

Zeus' Web server software is designed to add extra security when working with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) by eliminating harmful scripts before they are passed on to the Microsoft software. This feature is intended to reduce the danger from script-based worms such as Nimda and Code Red, while allowing companies to continue using IIS.

Opteron-based systems are scheduled to begin shipping in the first half of 2003. Desktops running the 64-bit Athlon will arrive at the end of 2002, although they are unlikely to ship in time for the Christmas shopping season, according to AMD.

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