Telecom NZ opts for Zuora for Big Pipe billing

Telecom escapes legacy lock-in with a cloud-based billing engine for its new no-frills, unlimited data product.

Telecom NZ's Digital Ventures division will use Zuora's cloud-based e-commerce subscription and billing platform to support the roll out of its mass consumer Big Pipe broadband service.

Big Pipe, a "stripped back", no frills internet service provider soft-launched in February, is one of the first businesses to emerge from incubation within Telecom Digital Ventures.

It aims to bring uncapped internet access to New Zealand consumers and see off challenges from low-cost providers such as Flip.

Zuora has been selected to provide automated billing, scalability and flexibility in pricing and packaging, collection and accounting for recurring revenue through integration with existing accounting systems.

The service also enables the organisation to manage billing within New Zealand.

“Uncapped, no-frills broadband is one of the fastest growing segments in New Zealand," said Thomas Salmen, Telecom Digital Ventures' Chief Technology Officer. "We knew we needed a platform that was agile, that could automate our back-end processes, and be up and running quickly in order to fast track market acceleration for the Big Pipe business.

"Legacy platforms are simply not agile enough to support fast-growing businesses which require rapid deployment and seamless billing scalability. The solution took just 45 days to deploy and integrates with our internal CRM solution.”

Big Pipe uses Zuora’s product catalogue to initially offer three different levels of consumer broadband services to customers, all of which offer unlimited data usage.

The platform allows Big Pipe to measure and review business metrics such as customer growth, revenue, collection, churn and financial reporting.

Telecom Digital Ventures was formed in early 2013 to look at new technologies, new consumer needs and business opportunities.

Big Pipe is the first venture to go live on Zuora, however Telecom Digital Ventures said it is expecting to roll out several new services over the next few years, many of which will be subscription services.

California-based Zuora claims customers such as Dell, qualcomm and Yammer.

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