Telecom NZ set to switch off CDMA network

Customers on Telecom NZ's CDMA network need to change over to its XT network, or they'll lose the ability to make calls.

Telecom New Zealand is shutting down its CDMA network tonight to make way for its XT network.

The network shutdown is scheduled to occur at midnight on 31 July 2012 NZST, by which time any CDMA customers won't be able to make calls. As of 31 December last year, there were 639,000 customers still on the network (PDF).

The telco has been trying to get CDMA customers to move onto its XT network in preparation. If they do this before the switch-off, Telecom NZ staff members will help them to transfer contacts. Customers need a new mobile phone and plan to enable the change.

Telstra shut down its CDMA network in Australia in 2008 , moving customers onto its Next G network.

At the time, rural communities weren't happy with the changeover, saying that even the handsets meant for rural use with the "blue tick" weren't providing them with the same reception.