TeleNav GPS coming to Verizon iPhone 4 for just $22/year

TeleNav announced they are bringing their GPS voice navigation software to the Verizon iPhone 4. They haven't been on Verizon before and are offering a significantly low cost solution.

Back in 2009 TeleNav launched AT&T Navigator as the only iPhone voice navigation software. Today, they announced that they are bringing TeleNav GPS to the Verizon iPhone 4. This is a significant announcement for at least a couple of reasons, TeleNav is now on Verizon and the price is dirt cheap.

In the past, you could not find TeleNav's products on Verizon Wireless and I was personally never that happy with the available client on Verizon. TeleNav is also launching this service at a revolutionary price of just $2.99/month or $21.99 per year. This makes it one of the lowest cost GPS navigation solutions and one that is always up to date and connected. Verizon iPhone owners can also choose to use only the GPS map and local search capabilities for FREE.

The advanced navigation features include:

  • Spoken Turn-by-Turn Directions with Street Names – Unlike basic map applications that show a static route on a map, when using the advanced navigation features available with TeleNav GPS, users receive spoken turn-by-turn directions with street names to guide them to their destination.
  • 2D and 3D Moving Maps – Users can see their current location and nearby streets with accurate, moving maps viewable in 2D or 3D with zoom in and out options.
  • Automatic Reroute – TeleNav GPS users don’t have to worry about missing a turn while navigating. The application will quickly update the route and redirect them to their destination.
  • Automatic Map Updates – TeleNav GPS features regular map updates to ensure that users are being routed using the most up-to-date maps available. Updates are automatic, so users aren’t required to perform a manual installation or buy updated content.
  • Nighttime Optimized Navigation – TeleNav GPS adjusts brightness levels to make viewing easier during nighttime driving.
  • iOS Multitasking Support—Users can access and use other iPhone applications with TeleNav GPS navigating in the background.

One cool function is the Shake-to-Go home feature where you simply shake your iPhone to be routed back to your home location. This application will launch with the iPhone 4 this week and you can check out the TeleNav iPhone 4 Verizon page for more info.