Telewest slashes cost of broadband

Broadband service blueyonder, owned by Telewest, plans to charge users £33 per month rather than £50

Cable company Telewest (quote: TWT) announces Monday that it is to slash the cost of its broadband service blueyonder.

The move comes hot on the heels of CallNet's decision to dump its narrowband unlimited Internet access service. The continued floundering of narrowband unlimited access services means users are increasingly looking to broadband services to deliver always on, affordable access.

In response to this demand Telewest has dropped the cost of blueyonder from £50 to £33 per month. Its broadband cable technology gives 24 hour Internet access at speeds up to 15 times faster than convention dial-up access.

Philip Jansen, managing director of Telewest's consumer division believes the cable company now offers the cheapest broadband service in the UK. "This will encourage more people to access a faster, better service and to get much more out of their use of the Internet," he says in a statement.

Full story to follow.

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