Tellme tells you where, free of charge

Looking for an ATM? Soon-to-be Microsoft company launches a service that uses voice or text messages to give directory listings.
Written by Elinor Mills, Contributor

Tellme Networks, which Microsoft is acquiring, is set to launch on Tuesday a free service that allows people to get directory listings on their phone by voice or text message. The service is designed to enable Tellme users to call 1-800-555-TELL (8355) and say "business search" to get a business listing or to search for a category like "cafes," Tellme said.

People can also send a text message to TELLM (83556) with a request such as "Starbucks San Francisco" and get a text message back with listings and map links. Tellme also offers a software download for mobile phones that lets people speak their request and see results displayed on the phone screen. Google also recently launched free voice-activated local search.

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