Telstra and Ericsson test 1Tbps fibre link

Telstra and Ericsson have successfully achieved a test of 1Tbps technology over Telstra's Sydney to Melbourne link.

Ericsson and Telstra have successfully tested out 1 terabit-per-second (Tbps) optical transmission equipment over Telstra's 995km Sydney to Melbourne link.

Last month, Ericsson announced at Mobile World Congress that it had signed a deal to upgrade the capacity on Telstra's long-haul optical networks to support 100 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) services.

Telstra's director of transport and routing engineering David Robertson said that a test of the equipment with a 1Tbps line card in the MHL3000 technology provided by Ericsson over the Sydney to Melbourne link had been successful.

"We are currently upgrading our optical transmission networks with Ericsson's next generation 100Gbps technology, and this trial demonstrates that the higher 1Tbps speeds are possible," he said in a statement.

Ericsson said the test showed that 1Tbps technology can be deployed in a real network environment.

Ericsson is arguably Telstra's biggest supplier, after being picked for the company's Next G and 4G rollouts.