Telstra partners with SNP Security for business monitoring

Telstra is investing tens of millions of dollars in a new joint venture with SNP Security that will allow businesses to monitor and control their environment remotely.

Telstra and SNP Security have announced a joint venture that will see the establishment of TelstraSNP Monitoring combining SNP's expertise in home security, with Telstra's connectivity, in a deal worth tens of millions of dollars.

SNP, which is Australia's third-largest security company, will continue to operate its other security services, such as security for Sydney Airport, but will form the joint monitoring company with Telstra, and its existing business and residential electronic monitoring customers will shift over to TelstraSNP Monitoring (TSM) as part of the deal.

Group managing director of Telstra Business, Will Irving, told ZDNet that Telstra will first focus on the core back-to-base alarm product, but will then look at productivity tools that businesses can use with the monitoring service.

"In business, there's a whole array of productivity tools. Everything from health and safety, through again to cost management, environment, to understanding customer behaviour in a sales context," he said.

"There's a lot of application of the communications network, particularly high-bandwidth applications, cloud analytics, so effectively software can be doing a whole lot of thinking and screening and monitoring.

"We combine the best of what Telstra does on the communications side and the monitoring capability and installation skills and staff that SNP has."

Irving said the SNP products would be used in both Telstra Business and the company's growing Connected Home business for residential customers.

Tom Roche, SNP Security managing director, said that SNP has a large customer base in the electronic monitoring business, with two A1-grade monitoring centres, but the partnership with Telstra would bring scale.

"There's huge advantages in partnering with Telstra. Its scale, its agility, its innovation. It's certainly a positive for SNP to be partnering with Telstra," he said.

Telstra is not the first technology company to invest in home monitoring, with Google announcing in January that it would acquire smoke alarm and thermostat company Nest for US$3.2 billion.