Teradata acquires archival app maker RainStor

The deal marks Teradata's fourth acquisition in the last six months, as the company aims to round out its portfolio of services that run on top of Hadoop.

Teradata announced that it has acquired RainStor, makers of a data archiving application that sits on top of Hadoop.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Teradata did say that it includes RainStor's intellectual property, customers, OEM relationships, and a majority of its employees.

Teradata said RainStor was an attractive buy because its technologies add key features to Teradata's enterprise Hadoop offerings.

For example, RainStor brings with it extremely high compression rates, which are necessary in big data because it allows an organization to hold on to data for a long time without much added cost. RainStor compresses data at 10 to 40X, significantly trumping services like gzip.

RainStor also brings with it immutability in terms of data copies, which Teradata said is important for compliance and security, as it ensures that stored data can not be changed and captured as a copy.

"The addition of RainStor underscores Teradata's commitment to support customers as they transform their organizations into data-driven enterprises," said Scott Gnau, president of Teradata Labs, in a statement. "The new archival capability will help customers cost-effectively and efficiently address their data archiving requirements using Hadoop."

The deal marks Teradata's fourth acquisition in the last six months. The data warehousing provider purchased Hadapt and Revelytix back in July, integrating their Hadoop technologies into Teradata Labs, its research and development arm.

Then in September, Teradata scooped up Think Big Analytics, a Silicon Valley-based consulting firm focused primarily on Hadoop, and integrated it with its own big data consulting outfit in the Americas.


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