Teradata aims to make R analytics more enterprise friendly

The company launched Aster R, which aims to bridge the open source R analytics software with its data warehouse tools.

Teradata on Wednesday launched Aster R, which aims to take the R open source analytics software, and make it more available to enterprises.

R is open source statistic and analytics software increasingly used by data scientists and big data practitioners. Teradata has been moving to embrace Hadoop and other big data technologies to provide a bridge to its data warehouse systems. Open source big data tools could become a threat to data warehouses along with the cloud, but Teradata has argued that these technologies will blend together in the enterprise.



Aster R can run in parallel as well as in-database, which allows for fast processing. R is typically deployed on a single server running in-memory. Teradata said that Aster R can process multiple data sets from various sources---including the data warehouse.

Teradata's R package also includes:

  • A library with 100 pre-built functions and includes analytics tools from the company.
  • A tool to allow analysts to build more than 5,500 R analytics packages.
  • A framework to integrate analytic engines and file stores. For instance, Aster R can analyze text, MapReduce, stats, time series and R data. Use cases would range from social network analytics to fraud detection to modeling.

Aster R will be available in the fourth quarter.