Tesla: Drive (almost) anywhere in Europe by end of 2014

Tesla is making an impressive push for charging infrastructure in Europe.

Tesla has already made it possible for owners of its Model S electric car to drive coast-to-coast in the United States via its free, fast Supercharger network without adding a drop of gasoline to the car. Now the company is adding "30 new service centers and stores across the continent," as well as Supercharger stations by the end of 2014.

Today at the Geneva Motor Show Tesla said, by the end of the year, owners of the Model S will be able to go "almost anywhere" in Europe using only Superchargers. 

With the largest battery option drivers can travel roughly 300 miles driving 55 miles per hour. So its not surprising that with fewer than 50 charging stations in Europe the company could cover much of the continent. Will drivers be able to take the most convenient route from point A to point B? Not always. But more options will likely come in time. 

In addition to its accolades in the United States, the Model S is also popular in Europe. The car was named "car of the year" in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. 

By the end of the year, Tesla expects its combined sales in Europe and Asia to be double its North American sales. Tesla had more than 22,000 global deliveries in 2013.

Tesla first opened its Supercharger stations in 2012 with six stations in California. It now has nearly 100 stations worldwide. The Superchargers are free for Model S owners to use and provide 170 miles of range in a 30 minute charging session.

Photo: Flickr/harry_nl

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