Test drive: GM EN-V urban concept vehicle

At CES 2011, SmartPlanet editor Andrew Nusca takes a spin in the General Motors EN-V urban concept vehicle, an autonomous, all-electric answer to traffic congestion in cities.

Remember the GM EN-V?

If it sounds familiar, it's because you first read about it on this very blog back in March .

As it so happens, this SmartPlanet editor was in attendance at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show this past weekend, and right there in the Lafite Ballroom at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev. was a shiny red test mule just waiting to be driven.

Can you blame me for wanting a ride?

The kind folks at General Motors obliged, of course. And so we have two short videos of us twirling around in what could be the answer to traffic congestion in cities and carbon emissions in the skies above.

Here's the first, from the outside:

And here's another, from the cockpit:

Would do you think: do you envy the EN-V?

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