Tether releases 'jailbreak free' iPhone tethering HTML5 app

Jailbreak free tethering ... but at a price.

The iTether app might be long gone from the Apple App Store, but the company behind it is back, and this time with an HTML5 app that offers the same features.

Tether announced today a new web app and service that allows user to tether a 3G-enabled iPhone or iPad to any wireless device using a ad-hoc connection.

"It was clear from our initial application iTether, there was enormous demand within the iPhone ecosystem," said Tether chief executive Tim Burke. "It was unfortunate that Apple decided to remove our application, only 20 hours after we launched. However, this caused us to innovate. Our underlying patent-pending technology behind Tether for iPhone is unlike anything on the market."

This however is not free service. The new Tether service will cost $15 per year if you sign up before the end of next week. Miss the promotion and the price goes up to $30 per year.

More details over on Tether's blog.