Text messaging made easy

If U R bafLd cuz of SMS, this new book cud B gud 4 U

Mobile Internet provider Genie Tuesday launched a specialised dictionary designed to clarify SMS messaging.

The Genie SMS DXNRE, compiled by Fulham barman Marco Miranda, lists 250 common words and phrases abbreviated into SMS (short messaging service) form. Miranda claims that text messaging, which he describes as the defining characteristic of the mobile generation, has become the language of today's tech-rich but time-poor youth.

A record nine billion SMS messages were sent worldwide in August 2000, and the GSM Association expects the 15 billion per month mark to be broken in December. Text messaging is an important revenue stream for mobile network operators, who typically charge 10p when an SMS is sent.

Analysts predict that within 18 months SMS messaging will be superseded by "buddy chats", where a number of users share a text messaging conference -- a feature already supported by the Nokia 3310.

The Genie SMS DXNRE runs to 21 pages.

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