Textblade update: I cancelled my January order

It doesn't matter how innovative a product is if it never ships.


The innovative Textblade mobile keyboard excited a lot of folks back in January. The tiny three-piece gadget promised a full keyboard typing experience on a gizmo about the size of a small ruler. Like many, I put in an order for one back then and sat back to await the quoted February delivery.

Fast forward five months to June and not a single Textblade had shipped. As I detailed in a post on ZDNet at the time, the company had been offering one excuse after another for why they weren't shipping yet. I noted that I was going to wait it out since they were then claiming shipments would happen in July.

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It's now August and no surprise, Waytools still hasn't started delivering the Textblade. What makes this big delay so bad is that buyers were charged on the day they placed their order. It seems they were funding the production out of sales, even though they were implying the Textblade was ready to go back in January.

I've had enough, and I cancelled my order for a full refund. The company's behavior is unprofessional at best and borderline unethical at worst. I am tired of waiting, plus I'm not convinced the product is going to be that great.

It's innovative, but looking at the Textblade from a practical viewpoint it is not going to be easy to use. Even Waytools admits it will take 3 - 4 days to adjust to using the unique keyboard. With my extensive experience with dozens of mobile keyboards I believe that's conservative, and doesn't include the readjustment to standard keyboards when setting the Textblade aside and returning to a traditional keyboard.

While the Textblade looks really cool, the whole point behind it is the portability of the device. That's greatly mitigated for me due to the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard. It's not much bigger than the Textblade and has a full keyboard that works well.

Now that I've cancelled the Textblade order, I'm watching my credit card account closely to see how long it takes them to give me my money. It's not like Waytools has given me reason to trust that they'll do it quickly.