Thanks Microsoft, this WP7 update status resource is just what I needed

Microsoft is still be trying to figure out how to get mobile right, but they took a big step today in providing an online status resource for their WP7 updates.

Keeping silent or being vague is not a helpful strategy for pleasing customers and I have been feeling pretty frustrated with Microsoft for their lack of specific details regarding the pre-NoDo and NoDo update. That has now changed thanks to Microsoft's latest Windows Phone Blog post announcing a great new online resource that gives you the status of the update for your WP7 device.

Microsoft just started rolling out the copy/paste update to selected devices and neither of my WP7 devices has even the first update. I am pretty happy with my Dell Venue Pro and HD7 and am not leaving WP7 just because I don't have the update, but I would like to be better informed about the update status. Thus, this new site is MUCH appreciated and I now see that both of my devices are in the second stage and I haven't missed the first update.

As you can see on the resource page, there are no US Windows Phone 7 device that yet have the updates, except for the Sprint HTC Arrive that launches with it out of the box.