Thanks T-Mobile, quick and easy jump from Galaxy Note 8 to Apple iPhone X

Since I test so many different phones, I figured it was time to join a program that makes switching out devices easy. T-Mobile was a breeze last night and my iPhone X will be here next week.

Ordering a new Apple iPhone is usually an exercise in frustration and patience, but last night I actually talked to a real person on the phone and the Apple iPhone X process just took a few minutes with no stress.

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As a smartphone reviewer, I tend to swap my SIM out daily, sometimes several times a day, so it made sense to finally give the new 30-day exchange T-Mobile Jump on Demand program a try. Readers know my current favorite is the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X may not replace it, but I can easily just swap back to the Note 8 after another 30 days with this new program. Even better, the monthly cost for the iPhone X is about the same as the Note 8 so I can switch without any financial impact.

I stood in line with my two oldest daughters 10 years ago to buy the first iPhone, and the new Apple iPhone X is the first major change in the design of the device. I knew I had to at least give it a try. The T-Mobile Jump On Demand program gives me that opportunity with no risk since I can easily switch back to something else I may prefer.

There were several ways to pre-order a new iPhone X last night and I had Twitter up to talk to T-Mobile Help directly, had the Apple Store app on my iPad Pro ready to go, and had my computer browser pointed to the Apple Store. In addition, I decided to just call in to the T-Mobile customer service center since I was apprehensive about the new Jump On Demand program and didn't want anything messing up my chances to order an iPhone X.

I called at 12:01am Pacific, and a customer service rep answered in less than a minute. I told her what I wanted to order and we walked through the process. The agent then kindly waited until I received the agreement email, which took her three attempts to get it to me on her end, and then she even waited until I signed it and she received it back so that she could guarantee I had a valid order that would ship on the 2nd or 3rd of November.

T-Mobile couldn't have provided any better service than what I experienced last night. There was no stress, I was able to order exactly what I wanted in 64GB space gray, and the iPhone X will arrive on launch day or earlier. I also received a follow-up email stating that I had 30 days to return my Note 8 to a store as part of the program. So far, I am a believer in T-Mobile Jump On Demand and if the iPhone X arrives as promised I will continue to participate in JOD.


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