The 10 highest-paid telecommuting jobs

Yes, C-level executives are allowed to work from home, too.

Yes, C-level executives are allowed to work from home, too. In fact, even some high-paid operational executives telecommute -- at least some of the time. This reflects the evolution of the workplace into an anywhere, anytime environment free of 9-to-5 schedules encased within four walls.
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Top-level executives make up the bulk of a new list, compiled by FlexJobs, of the highest-paying jobs that can be performed out of home-based offices.

Some of the top titles are surprising. For example, the job of medical director, the highest-paying position in the survey, is considered a work-at-home possibility. You may associate this person as being hands-on, right there in the hospital or clinic, making sure quality of care is maintained. But given the highly administrative tasks this job entails -- including dealing with insurance companies -- these executives may be more productive in a more relaxed home setting.

CEOs also can do their work from home -- in this case, I've known one or two who did work from their home offices, running highly virtual companies. A little puzzling is the thought of a chief operations officer or chief financial officer working out of their home offices, especially if confidential corporate information is involved. But these jobs also rank near the top of the work-at-home list.

While FlexJobs says these are full-time work-at-home positions, it's highly probable that many of these executives are spending part of their time in the office, and part of the time working out of their homes. Or, again, in some cases, running virtual or highly distributed companies.

The advantage to organizations is they gain access to these talented executives without the requirement of physically moving them. For example, a prospective executive may live in New York City and not want to relocate to the corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas. Or, conversely, the executive may love his or her Texas home and want nothing to do with New York.

FlexJobs says it worked with PayScale, which matched FlexJob's telecommuting job titles to PayScale's compensation data to determine which at-home positions offer the highest wages.

According to their analysis, here are the 10 highest paying telecommuting jobs:

1) Medical director - $219,100
2) Chief executive officer (CEO) - $199,300
3) Vice president of marketing - $164,200
4) Chief operations officer (COO) - $152,800
5) Regional vice president - $149,500
6) Chief financial officer (CFO) - $139,200
7) Government affairs director - $112,300
8) Director of business operations - $109,100
9) Senior business analyst - $92,000
10) Director of education - $68,300

FlexJobs also notes that this list represents executives at small to midsize businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees.

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