The 2008 Chutzpah in IT Marketing Awards

If you like the Ignobels, you'll love this year's Chutzpah in IT Marketing Awards...

The 2008 Chutzpah in IT Marketing Awards

You've heard of the ignobels? Good, then you'll understand the Chutzpah in IT Marketing awards.

  • Bronze

For 2008 the Bronz cheer goes to SAP AG for recursively presenting things as they aren't - specifically for the name of the server you wait for if you check out the SAP/HP Managed Services Alliance the partners announced in 2004:"".

  • Silver

The 2008 Tyrian Silver Shekels go to the Wintel Customer Base - for increasing their purchases of Vista on Core Duo after the Wintel partners switched to marketing their yet undeliverable copies of the same Apple and AMD technologies they've been denigrating for four years.

  • Gold

The 2008 Midas Memorial Award for chutzpah in marketing goes to IBM for its claim that a single z10 server (at twenty-six million dollars before storage and licensing) can replace 1,500 Sun Fire X2100 M2 (dual core Opteron) servers ($1.8 million including storage and licensing) if the 1,500 Opterons are configured as:

  • 125 Production machines running 70 percent busy
  • 125 Backup machines running idle ready for active failover in case a production machine fails
  • 1250 machines for test, development and quality assurance, running at 5 percent average utilization

For real.