The $99 Smart Battery Case is Apple's ugliest product to date

Apple, the company that's world-renowned for having its finger on the style pulse of the world, has just released what must be the company's ugliest product to date.

On the face of it, it's a good idea. A case that gives iPhone 6 and 6s users up to 25 hours of extra battery life.

But what escaped from Apple's lab is an abomination.

The $99 Smart Battery Case is Apple's ugliest product to date

I'm not sure what's going on here. It looks more like a prototype than a finished product. It's literally nothing more than a rectangular battery back shoved into a silicone skin. In a sea of iPhone cases that go from OK to dreadful, this stands out as being the worst I've seen. OK, I lied, this is the worst case I've seen, but Apple's Smart Battery Case is by far the worst to come from a reputable maker.

I refuse to believe that Sir Jony Ive, Apple's chief design officer, had anything to do with this beyond perhaps trying to stop it from being released.

Also, what exactly is "smart" about this case? Not only is it lacking the oomph to take an iPhone battery from flat to full, but also there's no way to turn it off when it's connected to the iPhone so it's always charging the battery.

You don't even get a charge indicator LED for your $99 (actually, I'm told by Apple that there is an LED, but it's on the inside of the case).

At least it takes attention away from that awful camera nubbin.

Because they feature the Apple logo I'm sure these will sell like hot cakes, but there are better, cheaper, and far less ugly ways to keep your iPhone charged up.

UPDATE: There is actually some smarts built into the Smart Battery Case, and that is that is makes use of the charging circuit built into the iPhone and stops charging the battery when it gets to 100 percent, at which point the iPhone switches over from being powered by the internal battery to the battery in the Smart Case.

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