The anaPad is a wooden iPad whiteboard for kids

Etsy creation anaPad solves one of the central issues with owning an iPad and having children: sharing.

If there is anything more risky than letting your cat play with your iPad, it's placing the $500 device in the hands of your children. But it's so shiny, and hard to find parents heartless enough to deny their children the right to poke at its glossy screen.

But there's a middle ground. For parents eager to place an iPad in the hands of their kids, but notably less eager to give them a real iPad, Etsy inventors twigcreative have created the anaPad. One part iPad, and two parts whiteboard, the anaPad "promotes analog learning and creativity in a digital world." Or so say its inventors.

So, yeah, it's a whiteboard with with iOS magnets. But it's still pretty neat. And costs $30.

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