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The Connected Future

Here’s a look at some key numbers on mobile investment and use, infographic-style.

In the next 12-18 months, almost 50% of organization will invest in mobile devices, mobile apps, and mobile device management. Almost half. In 18 months. That’s bigger than a trend. That’s a sea change.

In preparation for Mobile World Congress, SAP (my employer) created this infographic that brings together telling numbers from several studies that really tell the story of where we are right now in terms of mobile and big data—and how these two trends (for lack of a better term this time) are feeding each other.

Two-thirds of organizations are investing in mobile the hope of increasing productivity. By next year, it’s estimated that the world will have 1.3 billion mobile workers, or 37.2% of the working population. Have a closer look at the infographic:

02 06 2014 General Infographic_Final-01

And at if you’ll be at MWC, come visit SAP (Hall 6, 6A30) to “experience the future of mobile” with leading-edge demonstrations that highlight how SAP is enabling telecommunications companies and enterprises to engage with customers, and run like never before. See you there.